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To bloom where we are planted

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

It never occurred to me that I would be living in a time like now, this time of sorrow and immense sadness that all of us are going through. Each day there are reports of lost innocent lives with thousands of tears from broken families losing their loved one. I have worked very hard for the past 16 years to establish my own little business after leaving behind a successful life that I had in New York. I have no regrets; however, I cannot deny how hard it is having to now temporarily close this business, to be forced to stay home when I would rather help in some way and to watch the unending sad news all the while wondering why this is happening to us.

As I sit here writing this, I hear some noises outside in the yard. My son riding his new bicycle thinking he is Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun, there is a mild wind blowing leaves and cardinals, those beautiful red birds, are running around having the time of their lives. They mate for life. We had a family of them live in our yard in NY. They are also here with us in SC. I read recently that a cardinal represents a loved one who has passed. That when you see one it means they are visiting you and that they show up when you need them most or miss them… our angels from heaven. I find that thought, that vision, comforting.

Perhaps God is forcing us to stay home for other reasons as well… to find balance and appreciate what we have, “to bloom where we are planted.” In 1979 I met and got to know a very special man that sang to us that message. He was a gentle soul that we lost and he is missed. His name is Harry Chapin. I would like to share one of his songs with you. Please listen. Cherish your family. We are all blessed and we will get through this soon. I hope you find some happiness on this Palm Sunday. Be safe. God Bless.


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